Dropped Catch Adds to the Drama on Day 5 of Ashes Opener

In a nerve-wracking moment during the Ashes opener, England’s Joe Root delivered a flat delivery to Australian batsman Alex Carey. Carey danced out, connecting with the ball and driving it hard straight back at Root. The English skipper, positioned for a reverse cup catch, got both hands behind the ball, but it slipped through his grasp and burst towards mid-on.

The dropped catch added to the tension on the final day of the match, where England urgently needed three more wickets to secure victory, while Australia aimed to chase down the remaining 70 runs for an unlikely win. This missed opportunity by Root could have provided a crucial breakthrough for England, but instead, it allowed Carey to survive and continue his innings.


Earlier in the over, there was another pivotal moment when England opted for a Decision Review System (DRS) appeal for an LBW decision against Carey. The review analyzed the impact and trajectory of the ball, determining whether it hit the pads before making contact with the bat and if it was headed towards the stumps.

After careful examination, the DRS decision went in favor of the batsman. While the ball had struck the pad, it had veered down the leg side, leading to the on-field umpire’s not-out decision being upheld. The DRS system, designed to ensure fairness and accuracy, deemed that the ball was not on a path to hit the stumps and therefore did not warrant an LBW dismissal.

The dropped catch and the unsuccessful DRS appeal added to the drama and uncertainty of the match.