Controversial catch decision ends Shubman Gill’s innings in WTC Final Clash

In a moment of confusion and debate, Indian opener Shubman Gill was dismissed amidst controversy during the Day 4 action of the WTC Finals. Cameron Green took a stunning catch at gully, but upon closer examination from different camera angles, doubts were raised about the legitimacy of the catch. The replays suggested that Green may have touched the ground while completing the catch, which should have resulted in a not-out decision. However, after a thorough review by the third umpire, Gill was eventually given out.

The dismissal came as a blow to India, who are chasing a challenging target of 403 runs to win the WTC Finals 2023. It was Boland who claimed Gill’s wicket once again, as he continued to maintain a good line and length around the off stump. Gill attempted to defend a ball that kicked up unexpectedly, resulting in a fine edge that flew to Green at gully. The fielder exhibited exceptional reflexes to complete the catch, although the contentious nature of the decision left both Rohit Sharma and Gill surprised.


Despite the disappointment, Australia would be thrilled to have broken India’s opening partnership, which had given their opponents a strong start in the chase. The match continues with high stakes and intense competition as both teams strive for victory in the prestigious WTC Final.