Chris Jordan believes that it is having conversation that will make the real change in the wake of BLM movements around the globe

English pacer Chris Jordan talked candidly about the BLM protests that have been taking place around the globe after the brutal murder of African-American individual George Floyd. He feels that it is important for them as sports players, they are inspiration to millions of people and more importantly to kids around. He feels that if the kids learn about this from a young age, they’ll definitely shaped in that way. He says that taking a knee is the least they as players can do for the movement. As they come on the screen to represent their countries, taking a knee  would make a great impact. But he also added that the real change will come by having conversation about this topic. He says that they are having open conversations about this the team. Everyone is getting opportunity to open up and talk. He feels that the real change will be done by this type of talks.

Mark Boucher while talking to press said that their team will likely not kneel before the matches as they return to cricket after eight months. Boucher added that this a collective decision of the team and they have had talks about the racial equality within the team.


Jordan when asked about Boucher’s comment, he said that it their personal call. If they feel that it is the right thing to do they should go ahead with. They should not be judged for their decision and they should move on from that. He added again that he strongly feels that the real change will be done by having chats in private and also acknowledged the importance of taking a knee right before the game and its impact over people around the world.

England will play their first match against South Africa on 27th November.