Check out the complete schedule for the ICC World Test Championship 2023-25

The third edition of the ICC World Test Championship (WTC) cycle is set to kick off with an exciting clash between a resurgent England side and reigning champions Australia. Following their triumph over India in the ICC World Test Championship Final 2023, Australia must quickly shift their focus to the next cycle, commencing with the highly anticipated series against arch-rivals England on June 16.

The World Test Championship 2023-25 cycle will consist of 68 matches across 27 series, culminating in the third WTC Final at Lord’s in 2025. Nine teams, namely Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and West Indies, will participate in this prestigious tournament.


Each series within the WTC cycle will include two to five Test matches, with each participating team playing six series – three at home and three away. The standings will be determined by the percentage of all possible points earned. The top two teams in the WTC standings will qualify for the Final at Lord’s, adding further excitement to the tournament.

During the WTC cycle, England will feature in the highest number of Test matches, with a total of 21 fixtures. Meanwhile, Australia and India will also have significant participation, with 19 Test matches each, ensuring an intense competition among these cricketing powerhouses.

In the World Test Championship, each Test match offers 12 points for a victory, while a draw awards four points to each team. In the event of a tie, both teams will receive six points. A loss results in no points, and teams can also be penalized for slow over rates.

The ICC’s General Manager of Cricket, Wasim Khan, expressed how the WTC has invigorated Test cricket, providing context for players and fans alike. The championship has rekindled the competitiveness in the longer format of the game, as teams battle it out for the coveted title of World Test Champions at the end of the two-year cycle.

WTC Fixtures Table

WTC 2023-25                                     Home                           Away
Opp1 H Opp2 H Opp3 H Opp1 A Opp2 A Opp3 A
AUS IND 5 WI 2 PAK 3 NZ 2 ENG 5 SL 2
BAN NZ 2 SA 2 SL 2 IND 2 WI 2 PAK 2
ENG AUS 5 WI 3 SL 2 NZ 3 IND 5 PAK 3
IND NZ 3 ENG 5 BAN   2 AUS 5 WI 2 SA 2
NZ AUS 2 ENG 3 SA 2 IND 3 BAN 2 SL 2
PAK ENG   3 WI 2 BAN 2 AUS 3 SA 2 SL 2
SA IND 2 PAK 2 SL 2 NZ 2 WI 2 BAN 2
SL NZ 2 AUS 2 PAK 2 ENG 2 SA 2 BAN 2