CC T20 World Cup: Bangladesh’s Nurul Hasan accuses Virat Kohli for “fake fielding”

According to the law of cricket, fake fielding leads to penalty runs which is awarded to the other team.


On November 2nd, the Indian cricket team defeated Bangladesh by 5 runs to win the group stage of the T20 World Cup 2022. The Indian cricket team put on another outstanding display at the World Cup this year, returning to winning form. They played significantly better to win this game after losing their previous contest against South Africa. Bangladesh’s wicket-keeper batsman, Nurul Hasan, said on Wednesday that Virat Kohli engaged in certain “fake fielding” during their intense men’s T20 World Cup match in Adelaide, which resulted in a five-run loss.

Law 41.5, pertaining to unfair play, prohibits the “deliberate distraction, deception or obstruction of [the] batter”, and if an incident is deemed to be a breach, the umpire can declare that particular delivery as dead ball, and award the batting side five runs.

According to Nurul, if Bangladesh had won that decision, the outcome might have been different. India beat the odds by five runs [DLS method], exactly the amount of the run penalty for false fielding.

“Certainly the field was wet and it had an impact and everyone saw that and eventually what I felt is that when we were talking there was a fake throw and it could have been a five run penalty and that could have gone our way but unfortunately even that didn’t come,” Nurul told reporters.