Catching Woes Haunt team India: Three dropped catches against New Zealand in World Cup 2023

Bumrah drops an easy one…

In a high-stakes World Cup clash against New Zealand, India found themselves grappling with an unexpected challenge – an uncharacteristic struggle in the field. The Indian team, known for its sharp fielding skills and safe pair of hands, faced a day marred by missed opportunities as they dropped three catches, allowing New Zealand’s batsmen a lifeline in crucial moments.

When Kuldeep Yadav delivered a clever wide full delivery, inviting the lofted drive from New Zealand’s Mitchell. The pressure of consecutive dot balls played its part, luring Mitchell into a shot. The ball soared into the air, creating a chance that should have been taken. However, the catch was put down by Jasprit Bumrah, who grassed a sitter at long-off. The Indian fans watched in dismay as a catch that could have stemmed the flow of runs slipped through the fielder’s fingers.


This unfortunate incident came after two earlier drops that added to India’s woes. Ravindra Jadeja, known for his safe hands, had an unexpected moment when the ball popped out of his grasp at backward point. The incident, which took everyone by surprise, showcased the unpredictable nature of cricket, where even the best fielders can have a momentary lapse in concentration.

Another drop came at the hands of wicketkeeper KL Rahul. Positioned behind the stumps, Rahul lunged forward, attempting to grab the ball as it took a faint edge off Mitchell’s bat. Despite his quick reflexes, the ball eluded Rahul’s grasp, leaving him visibly frustrated. The disappointment on Rahul’s face was palpable as the missed opportunity allowed the batsman to continue his innings.