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Can Paddy Upton help India win T20 World Cup in Australia? Here’s what you should know about the coach

India has roped in Paddy Upton as the team’s mental conditioning coach for the upcoming T20 World cup campaign in Australia.

Paddy Upton, a name that started doing rounds between 2008 – 2011 when the team India was at its peak in overall formats. It goes without saying that the team won the world cup in 2011 under the leadership of MS Dhoni but Paddy Upton too stands a chance for due credit. The team under MS Dhoni during the 2011 world cup defeated the likes of Australia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The team stood in a formidable mental state. However, after winning the Champions trophy under MS Dhoni, the team has faced successive defeats in qualifiers. The recent world cup in UAE changed the face of the Indian cricket team where from coach to skipper, the Indian team went through a massive transition.

Presently, the Indian team is gearing up to win the T20 World cup in Australia. In order to boost the chances of the team winning the event, BCCI has roped in Paddy Upton as the mental conditioning coach of the team. Paddy Upton is one of the most renowned faces in the cricketing world, having worked for nearly 25 years with multiple professional teams across five continents.

Helped South Africa clinch the Number 1 spot across all formats

In 2012, Paddy Upton was working as a Performance Director of the South African side and in the same year, the team went on to become number 1 across all the formats.

Active across multiple domestic league in various nations

Paddy Upton has been supremely active in 5 T20 leagues in 12 various tournaments that includes giants as Indian Premiere League (IPL), Big bash League (BBL) and Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Mental Coach to 150 professional athletes

Apart from having his rich presence in the cricketing world, Paddy Upton is also a mental coach to nearly 150 athletes that includes Olympic gold medalists.

Author of best-seller

Paddy Upton is an author of “The Barefoot Coach. Life-changing insights from coaching the world’s best cricketers”.