Bumrah Strikes: Glenn Phillips Departs in Crucial Semi-Final Clash

In a pivotal moment of the India vs New Zealand semi-final showdown, Jasprit Bumrah delivered a crucial blow as he dismissed Glenn Phillips. The tension on the field was palpable as Bumrah unleashed a deceptive slower ball. Phillips, attempting a lofted shot, misjudged the pace, sending the ball skyward with more height than distance.

Ravindra Jadeja, stationed at long-off, displayed impeccable fielding prowess. He adeptly tracked the trajectory of the ball, positioned himself perfectly, and secured the catch cleanly. With this dismissal, the resilient 75-run partnership between Glenn Phillips and his batting counterpart came to an end.


Phillips contributed 41 runs off 33 balls, showcasing his prowess with four boundaries and two towering sixes. However, Bumrah’s well-executed delivery and Jadeja’s safe hands tilted the balance in India’s favor during this high-stakes encounter. The wicket proved to be a crucial breakthrough for India, injecting renewed energy into their quest for a spot in the final.