Brendan Taylor reveals he failed a drug test after his final international match

“If you live by the sword, I guess you die by the sword,” states Brendan Taylor on his drug use.


On Monday, it was revealed by Former Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor that he was filmed using cocaine during a meeting with an Indian businessman. Adding to this controversial incident, Brendan Taylor revealed that he failed a drug test after his final international game, which was played on September 13th, 2021, against Ireland.

Taylor told Daily Mail that, at the time he failed the drug test in 2021 September, he had given up on cricket and was not having any direction in life. He used to lock himself in rooms for hours and managed to train somehow without any sleep.

“If you live by the sword, I guess you die by the sword.” Former Zimbabwe captain Brendon Taylor told Daily Mail.

Taylor added that he had beaten a few drug tests in the past two and a half years. Elaborating on Taylor’s experience with an Indian businessman, Taylor has informed that he made a trip to India thinking about a sponsorship deal with the businessman, which came out to be something else. He said that the businessman and his team entertained Taylor for three days and gifted him a mobile phone. On the final day of the meet, the cocaine usage of done; that’s when Taylor was filmed using cocaine by the businessman, who later used the video to blackmail the former Zimbabwe captain into an agreement to spot-fixing.

Taylor also accepted his blunderand said that punishment for reporting this incident late to ICC was imminent. He explained his reason to fly to India to meet this businessman, stating Zimbabwe cricket was struggling with funding and the players were not provided a salary from the last six months. The only thing he did this was to put food on the table.