Birthday Boy Virat Kohli’s Staggering Cricket Legacy: A Pinnacle of Records and Leadership

Celebrating his 35th birthday on Sunday, Virat Kohli stands as a testament to cricketing excellence, having carved a legacy that defines his era. Since his international debut in 2008, Kohli’s journey has been marked by an unparalleled succession of achievements, showcasing his remarkable run-scoring prowess.

From his triumphant leadership in the 2008 U-19 World Cup to becoming a stalwart in international cricket, Kohli has consistently made headlines. His recent milestone included surpassing Sachin Tendulkar’s record by amassing 1,000-plus runs in a calendar year for eight consecutive years. A feat that places him firmly in the annals of cricketing history.


Kohli’s list of records is nothing short of awe-inspiring: 26,209* runs across all formats, 78* centuries, 136* half centuries, and an astounding seven* double centuries. His dominance extends to the limited-overs format, with 13,525* ODI runs, 48* centuries, and 4008* T20 runs. His prowess on the grand stage of ICC events is unparalleled, with 3,000 runs in white-ball competitions, making him a giant in tournaments like the Cricket World Cup and the T20 World Cup.

Beyond personal accomplishments, Kohli’s leadership has been instrumental in India’s success. As captain, he led India to five consecutive ICC World Test Championship maces and steered the team to victories in 65 out of 95 ODIs and 30 out of 60 T20 matches. His resilience shines in Test cricket, where he scored centuries in every country he played, solidifying his reputation as a true global icon.

Kohli’s excellence extends beyond the field, as evidenced by the Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award bestowed upon him in 2018, India’s highest sporting honor. As cricket enthusiasts around the world celebrate his birthday, Virat Kohli’s legacy remains a testament to his exceptional talent, dedication, and leadership in the realm of cricket.