Ben Stokes defends declaration decision despite Ashes defeat

England captain Ben Stokes has defended his decision to declare the team’s first innings prematurely during the opening day of the Edgbaston Test, despite the subsequent two-wicket defeat after an intense five days of Test cricket. Stokes justified his call to declare at 393/8 with around 20 minutes of play remaining, explaining that he saw an opportunity to pounce on Australia and build on Joe Root’s aggressive batting display. While the decision drew criticism, Stokes stands by his approach and believes that the excitement generated at the end of the match justified the declaration.

Addressing the debate surrounding his declaration, Stokes stated that if presented with a similar situation in the future, he would make the same decision without hesitation. He pointed out the potential benefits of being in a strong position at the close of play, emphasizing the thrilling climax that unfolded on the final day. Stokes acknowledged that dwelling on “what ifs” would not change the outcome, and instead, he focused on the fact that England fell just short of victory.


Stokes saw the declaration as an opportune moment to put pressure on Australia. He believed that taking the initiative would give England an advantage going into day two. He expressed his willingness to take calculated risks and maintain his aggressive approach to cricket, regardless of the significance of the Ashes series. Stokes acknowledged the uncertainties inherent in the game and embraced the chance to challenge Australia in pursuit of victory.

Looking ahead to the second Test at Lord’s, Stokes highlighted the importance of a week’s gap to allow the bowling attack to rest and recuperate. Considering the workload placed on the bowlers during the Birmingham Test, including his own persistent knee trouble, Stokes emphasized the value of providing sufficient recovery time. He commended Moeen Ali’s commitment to the team despite suffering a finger injury, expressing gratitude for his contributions and acknowledging the break as an opportunity for Ali’s finger to heal.

Stokes, battling his own physical challenges, found encouragement in his bowling performance, taking crucial wickets including those of Steve Smith and Usman Khawaja. Despite only bowling limited overs, Stokes regarded it as a significant boost for both himself and the team, particularly with four more Ashes Tests to come. He expressed satisfaction in being able to contribute with the ball and relished the pressure of delivering long spells when the game is on the line.