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Ben Stokes confident of returning to form and fitness ahead of test against Ireland and Ashes series

Ben Stokes, the England all-rounder, is optimistic about recapturing the form and fitness that led to his heroic performances during the summer of 2019. With a Test against Ireland and an upcoming Ashes series on the horizon, Stokes believes that lightning could strike twice as he prepares for his first Ashes series on home soil since 2019. During the previous Ashes series, Stokes played a pivotal role in England’s ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup triumph and delivered match-winning performances against their arch-rivals, Australia.

Over the past year, Ben Stokes has assumed a new leading role as the captain of an invigorated English team. Under his leadership, the team has showcased a revitalized approach to red-ball cricket and has emerged victorious in 10 of their last 12 Test matches. Despite battling a knee injury and other concerns during his remarkable run of form, Stokes is confident that he can once again make significant contributions with both bat and ball, matching the highs of his previous performances.

Acknowledging the challenges he faced during the latter half of his hot streak, which limited his bowling abilities, Stokes is determined to regain his form and fitness. He firmly believes that he is now in a position where he can fully commit himself to playing a comprehensive role with the ball during the upcoming summer. Stokes expressed his confidence in his current physical condition, stating that he feels back to the same space he was in during 2019 and 2020.

While Stokes recognizes that the mind and body are distinct entities, he is resolute in having given himself the best opportunity to perform at his peak. He understands that mental and physical aspects play a crucial role in his overall performance on the field. Stokes has worked hard to ensure he is physically prepared and mentally focused, providing himself with the best chance to replicate his previous successes.