Ben Stokes confident of bowling in Ashes

Ben Stokes, the prominent England all-rounder, has expressed confidence in his ability to bowl in the upcoming Ashes series. Following issues with his knees during the recent Indian Premier League (IPL) and England’s tour of New Zealand, Stokes focused on rehabilitating his knee injury and is now in a much-improved condition. As England prepares to host Australia in a five-match series starting on June 16, Stokes remains optimistic about his bowling contributions. Let’s delve into his journey of recovery and his determination to make a difference in the Ashes.

Stokes credits his diligent rehabilitation work with the medical team in Chennai for his remarkable progress. The team collaborated with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to ensure he regained his form and fitness, resembling his peak performances in 2019 and 2020. Despite spending the past ten weeks in India for the IPL, Stokes emphasized that he had left no room for regrets or doubts about his preparedness for the upcoming series.


Speaking about his knee, Stokes highlighted its significant improvement compared to the New Zealand series. His dedication and perseverance in Chennai, coupled with the support of the medical team, have placed him in an optimal position to contribute with the ball. Stokes expressed confidence in his preparation and mentioned that he had given himself the best opportunity to perform at his best this summer.

While acknowledging his physical progress, Stokes acknowledged the distinction between the mind and the body. He emphasized that mental and physical aspects are separate entities, underscoring the importance of balancing both for overall performance. Despite the challenges, Stokes affirmed that he had done everything possible to give himself the best chance of success in the Ashes.

Stokes emphasized the significance of managing his workload and working closely with the medical team to navigate his injury. The approach involves finding the right balance to ensure optimal performance while considering the health of his knee. Stokes mentioned the possibility of receiving a cortisone injection this summer, similar to the treatment he underwent in March prior to the IPL.

As the Ashes series approaches, Stokes remains focused on the present and managing his knee condition effectively. He believes that his dedication to rehabilitation and collaboration with the medical team have provided him with the best opportunity to contribute to England’s success in the upcoming matches. Stokes is determined to make a difference and showcase his skills on the field.