BCCI’s special general meeting may bring major World Cup announcement

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has scheduled a Special General Meeting (SGM) in Ahmedabad on May 27, raising expectations of a significant announcement to follow the gathering. Among the items on the agenda is the formation of a Working Group for the ICC World Cup 2023, leading to speculation that the much-anticipated cricket championship’s venues may be revealed. Additionally, the BCCI is likely to announce the organizing committee members and discuss other important matters.

World Cup Venue Announcement and Organizing Committee:


One of the main topics on the SGM agenda is the “Formation of Working Group for the ICC World Cup 2023.” It is expected that the BCCI may choose to disclose the venues for the tournament, which is slated to take place from October to November.

While the exact dates have not yet been confirmed, the tournament is rumored to begin on October 5 and conclude on November 19, with 12 venues already shortlisted across the country. The final match is set to be held in Ahmedabad. However, it remains uncertain whether the schedule will also be announced during the meeting.

Another significant announcement anticipated at the SGM is the formation of a committee for the Women’s Premier League (WPL). The inaugural edition of the WPL was successfully conducted in March by the IPL governing council. Encouraged by the positive response from stakeholders, including team owners, broadcasters, and the general public, the BCCI intends to establish a separate body to oversee the women’s league. This move highlights the growing emphasis on women’s cricket and the need for dedicated attention and development.

In addition to the World Cup-related matters and the formation of the WPL committee, the May 27 meeting will also cover important issues. The agenda includes the formation of an Infrastructure Development and Subsidy Sub-Committee, guidelines for the appointment of physiotherapists and trainers in state teams, and the ratification of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy. These items reflect the BCCI’s commitment to various aspects of cricket administration, infrastructure, player welfare, and creating a safe and inclusive environment.