BCCI confident to start Women’s IPL ‘soon’

Secretary Jay Shah is confident to start women’s IPL by next year.


A massive women’s tournament will be held by BCCI under the name of Women’s Indian Premier League soon. Secretary Jay Shah has promised to begin the preparations of Women’s IPL as soon as possible and fans could witness the tournament to start by next year. BCCI stated it is working on starting the tournament “soon”.

Women’s T20 tournament which consists of only three teams is scheduled to begin along with the men’s Indian Premier League and will soon be involved in women’s IPL as fans and viewers believe women deserve to play on a major platform like men, in a tournament which involves more teams and players around the globe.

The women’s T20 will be held this year but it will soon be converted into a major tournament similar to men’s IPL, assured BCCI secretary Jay Shah.

Jay Shah in an email reported to Reuters that BCCI will be taking necessary steps to start a “full-fledged” women’s tournament similar to IPL soon.

“The huge interest among fans and players towards the women’s T20 Challenge is an encouraging sign and we are all committed to making it happen,” added Jay Shah in the email.

Women’s T20 was witnessed to shift to UAE in the year 2020 and also the first of the leagues last year was played in UAE as India was struggling with the COVID-19 cases and the pandemic across the country made it difficult to manage any league in India.