Bangladeshi Star Cricketer finds himself in controversy yet again.

After recently returning from a year long ban for corruption charges, it looks like the unfortunate spree isn’t going to end anytime soon for Shakib Al Hassan. The Bangladeshi player was forced to put out an apology for attending a religious ceremony in Kolkata. He received death threats from various Islamists which forced him to put out an apology.

Various activists also spoke that if a player of Shakib’s level can be targeted like imagine the condition of Hindu’s in Bangladesh. According to him he attended the ‘Kali Pujo’ only for 2 minutes. He added that he didn’t even inaugurate it, just lit a candle there. He also said that as a conscious Muslim he would not do this ever again. He also regretted going there.


Many writers, seculars said that Shakib shouldn’t have apologized to the Islamists as it will give strength to them for doing it to anyone who would visit the puja or sympathize with the  Hindus. A man even live streamed himself giving death threat to Shakib.