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Bangladesh Cricket Board’s new head of program David Moore advocates for GPS technology

Moore believes that integrating GPS technology can improve the performance of the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s Management Information System, which currently gathers data on the players. The Australian is collaborating with the board to integrate the system’s technology.

Bangladesh Cricket Board’s newly-appointed head of program, David Moore, has emphasized the importance of incorporating GPS technology in the team’s management. Moore believes that using technology and data analytics can help the team perform better at the highest level. The technology allows them to track the players’ movements, speed, and heart rate, which helps them understand their performance and make data-driven decisions.

Teams like England, Australia, and India have already embraced GPS technology to manage their players’ workload and monitor their physical fitness.


“I am going to work with the data we have in the MIS. The thing for us if we want to compete against best in the world of cricket we got to be doing at least what the best are doing and try to do better,” Moore told reporters on Wednesday.

Moore’s experience as a coach and his knowledge of technology and data analytics make him an ideal fit for the role. He has worked with various cricket teams, including the Australian cricket team and the Sydney Sixers in the Big Bash League.

“They have been using Athlete Management System for a long time and it is a lot about communicating. In Australia you got a state player, the state team put everything in the AMS so there is a communication and everyone is aware what is going on, so actually you are tracking,” he said.

The use of GPS technology is becoming increasingly common in cricket, and Bangladesh Cricket Board’s decision to incorporate it in their management system is a step in the right direction. The technology will provide valuable insights into the players’ fitness and performance, which will help the team make better decisions and achieve better results.

Moore further stated –

“The tracking to see how they improve and how they are developing. I am having a lot of talks with Naso (Nasir Ahmed- BCB’s head of Management Information System) and he obviously believes in it and I also believe in it bringing that system so that we can communicate together we have got all the information we need for players to be the best,” he said.

“It’s (GPS) more than just workload management. What we want is that there is a system in place to measure workload management. We will try to ensure that players have longevity and limit injuries and its possibility. Some of the system will also be about the pressures on their body for instance fast bowlers,” he said.

“There is no GPS in Bangladesh at the moment here and I don’t know whether clubs are using it. So the issue is we are talking with some of the companies and want to work on what is the best product for Bangladesh cricket and we can utilize it. We already got a system in place in Edge 10 and the GPS talks to Edge10 and they can relate to each other and that’s a good thing.