Australian head coach Justin Langer gives the highest praise for Indian captain Virat Kohli, supports his decision of paternity leave

India tour of Australia is set to begin on the 27th of November in Sydney with a 3 match T20I series. There is a 4 match Test series following the 3 match ODI series in late December. Indian captain Virat Kohli is set to take paternity leave after the first test match at Melbourne, which is also set to be India’s first ever day/night test match. Australian head coach Justin Langer has given praise of the highest order for the Indian captain and has also supported Kohli’s decision of taking paternity leave to witness the birth of his first child.

“Virat Kohli is probably the best player ever I have seen in my life for so many reasons, not only batting but his passion & energy for the game. Lots of respect for him, I cannot believe he displays the energy he does in everything he does and I’ve got so much respect for him (Virat Kohli). I’ve also got respect for him in the sense that he’s made this decision (to return to India for the birth of his child). He’s a human being like all of us… if I would be giving advice to any of my players I would always say never, ever miss the birth of your children because it is one of the great things you’ll ever do.”  After the news broke about King Kohli being granted paternity leave by BCCI, reports started emerging about huge financial losses to be faced by Cricket Australia(CA), due to the broadcasting and television commercial rights in the absence of the Indian captain.