Australian cricketers to support the Anti-Racism movement

Australian cricketers have decided to support the Anti-racism cause and promote the movement by standing barefoot in a circle before every series, starting with the opening ODI against India on November 27 in Sydney.

According to Australian fast bowler Pat Cummins, this decision has been taken in order to recognize the native people of Australia. Cummins is also the ODI and Test vice captain.


The men’s team is following the footsteps of the women’s cricket team, who stood barefoot in a circle with the New Zealand players in Brisbane ahead of the limited overs series in September.

“In Australia, we think the most, I guess, marginalised group is the first nations people and the indigenous peoples. And we think the barefoot circle’s a great way to celebrate them. Some people might want to take the knee, some people might want to show it in different ways and absolutely we’re all for that. But we’ve kind of come together as a team and think this is the best way we can demonstrate anti-racism as well as celebrating the indigenous culture here.”

Cummins also added that players are free to take the knee in order to support the movement.

The Australian also admitted that he feels the players haven’t done enough in the past to voice their support for the Anti-racism cause by saying, “We can probably put our hands up and say we haven’t done enough in the past and we want to get better, so this is one small thing we’re going to introduce this summer.”

The Australian cricket team had also received criticism from former West Indies cricketer Michael Holding for not taking the knee in the limited overs series against England earlier this year.