Australian cricket team will not face Afghanistan in the Test match if Taliban puts ban on their Women’s cricket

Taliban may ban the Afghanistan Women’s cricket team as they believe it is against their Islamic rules. If it happens, Australian men’s will not play the test match against Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Cricket Team is scheduled to play a one-off Test match against the Australian cricket team in November. But it seems the Test match which is scheduled to be held in Blundstone Arena stadium from 27th November to 1st December will be cancelled. The decision to cancelling the One-off Test match could be made by the Australian Cricket Board after hearing the Taliban’s statement on Afghanistan’s women’s cricket team and women’s sports.

It seems that the Taliban is set to put the ban on the Afghanistan Women’s cricket team as well as on all the sports in which women participate. The Taliban thinks it is women playing is against the Islamic rules as their faces and body will not be covered while playing. One of the Taliban spokespeople said that they are going to ban Afghanistan women’s sports, as they believe, the women won’t be allowed to show their faces and bodies like this.

Australian cricket team that was going to host a one-off Test match in November is threatening to cancel this historic match that is to be played at Blundstone Arena. Australia cricket doesn’t want the Taliban to put restrictions or ban the Women’s cricket team or any of the women’s sports team as they are in support of the Afghanistan women’s sports. But after listening to the Taliban’s spokesperson it seems likely that they are going to change their mind.

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