Australian captain Pat Cummins’ mother passes away

Pat Cummins didn’t play third and fourth Test match against India.

Australian cricket team’s captain, Pat Cummins, had to miss the third and fourth Test matches against India earlier this year due to his mother’s poor health. Unfortunately, on Friday, the news of his mother’s passing away was confirmed, which has left the cricketing world in a state of shock.

Pat Cummins has been an integral part of the Australian cricket team and was expected to lead the team in all formats of the game. However, his personal priorities took precedence over his professional commitments, and he had to leave the team to be with his mother during her difficult times.


Cummins’ mother’s passing is a huge loss for him and his family, and the cricketing community mourns her loss along with them. The thoughts and prayers of everyone in the cricketing world are with Cummins and his family during this difficult time.

The loss of Pat Cummins’ mother is a stark reminder that sportspeople, no matter how famous and successful they may be, are humans first and foremost.