Asia Cup: “These conditions won’t allow Bhuvi to swing the ball” Former Indian spinner warns pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar for the pitch conditions


On Sunday, August 28, India will face Pakistan at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium to begin their 2022 Asia Cup campaign. India will have the chance to exact revenge for losing to Pakistan in the 2021 T20 World Cup. The team had lost to its Asian neighbours by a margin of 10 wickets at the international competition the previous year.

Indian veteran Harbhajan Singh is a little concerned that Bhuvneshwar, who is more powerful when the ball swings, won’t benefit from the circumstances.

“When the ball isn’t swinging, it becomes even more important for bowlers to get their line and lengths right. If the conditions aren’t favourable, you need to alter your game accordingly. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is someone who swings the ball both ways. But these conditions won’t allow him to swing the ball,” he said.

Harbhajan also gave the seamers some tips in the event that there is little to no swing.

“The line and length will be critical and you can’t afford to give batters room. It’s great if you find swing, but if not, you’ll have to pull the length back and stick to it,” he added.