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Asia Cup IND vs SL Finals 2023 – Siraj’s Sensational Over: Finishes with 4 Wickets in a single over

Cricket history was etched in the Asia Cup 2023 final between India and Sri Lanka as Mohammed Siraj delivered a spellbinding over that yielded an astonishing four wickets, an occurrence rarely witnessed in the high-stakes world of One Day International (ODI) cricket. The over left spectators in awe, and the cricketing world abuzz with excitement.

The climax of Siraj’s over came when he faced Dhananjaya de Silva, and the stakes couldn’t have been higher. With three wickets already under his belt in the same over, Siraj had the opportunity to achieve the elusive four-wicket haul in a single over, a remarkable feat that seldom occurs.


The delivery bowled by Siraj was a wide outswinger, tempting Dhananjaya to go after it. In what appeared to be a moment of casual batting, Dhananjaya pushed at the ball when he could have simply let it pass. The result was a faint edge off his bat, a touch so delicate that only the keenest of ears could detect it.

The man behind the stumps, KL Rahul, was quick to react, displaying exceptional reflexes and safe hands. He plucked the ball out of the air with precision, completing a catch that sealed Dhananjaya’s fate.

The dismissal of Dhananjaya de Silva for just four runs was a significant blow to the Sri Lankan side. With Siraj’s sensational over, the Indian team had well and truly asserted their dominance in the final.

Four wickets in a single over is a rare sight in ODIs, a testament to Siraj’s extraordinary bowling skills and the incredible drama that cricket can offer.