Asia Cup IND vs NEP: Shardul Thakur strikes as Bhurtel departs

In a high-octane Asia Cup encounter between India and Nepal, the tension reached its peak as Shardul Thakur delivered a crucial blow by dismissing Nepal’s opener, Kushal Bhurtel.

It was a moment that showcased the relentless determination of both teams in their quest for victory. Thakur, known for his ability to extract bounce and movement from the pitch, bowled a short-of-a-good-length delivery, with the seam perfectly aligned towards the slip.


Bhurtel, who had been a pivotal figure in Nepal’s batting lineup, faced a challenging task against the quality Indian bowling attack. As the ball left Thakur’s hand, Bhurtel extended his bat, attempting to fend it off. However, it was a faint outside edge that proved to be his undoing.

The ball carried through to the Indian wicketkeeper, Ishan Kishan, who held onto the catch with precision. The dismissal marked the end of Bhurtel’s impressive innings, during which he had managed to score 38 runs from just 25 balls, including three boundaries and two towering sixes.

As Bhurtel walked back to the pavilion, India celebrated the prized wicket, knowing that it could shift the momentum in their favor. The Asia Cup encounter had already witnessed dramatic moments, including dropped catches and a riveting DRS review, and Thakur’s wicket added another layer of excitement to the contest.