Asia Cup IND vs NEP Live: Drama unfolds as Shreyas Iyer drops a crucial catch

In the much-anticipated Asia Cup 2023 showdown between cricket giants India and underdogs Nepal, the game got off to an electrifying start. With India opting to bowl first, fans were in for a thrilling contest on the pitch.

The opening over of the 50-over game saw Mohammed Shami, India’s pace sensation, steaming in to deliver the first blow. The batsman on the receiving end was Kushal Bhurtel, Nepal’s young and promising opener. It was a crucial early exchange that set the tone for the match.


Shami, known for his ability to extract movement and pace, bowled a sharp delivery just outside the off-stump. Bhurtel, eager to get off the mark and make an impact, threw his bat at the ball. The result? A thick outside edge that sent the ball racing towards the slip cordon.

Standing at first slip was Shreyas Iyer, one of India’s dependable fielders. With lightning-fast reflexes, he attempted to pouch the catch. However, cricket, as it often does, served a slice of unpredictability.

As the ball darted towards Iyer, it seemed destined to nestle into his safe hands. But in cricket, even the simplest-looking catches can become a test of nerves. In this high-pressure moment, Iyer stretched to his right, attempting to grasp the ball, but it proved elusive.

The ball slipped through his fingers, leaving the Indian camp visibly disappointed. Shami, the bowler, wore a grimace of frustration, while Iyer himself was quick to display his disappointment. It was a dropped catch that could potentially have changed the complexion of the game.