Asia Cup IND vs NEP: India vs Nepal clash weather report

India and Nepal are set to clash in a crucial Asia Cup Group A fixture at the Pallekele International Cricket Stadium in Kandy on Monday. This match will determine which team advances to the Super 4 stage alongside Pakistan, adding extra intensity to the encounter.

India currently holds one point from their previous fixture, which was unfortunately called off due to rain. In contrast, Nepal faced a tough loss against Pakistan in their opening game, leaving them eager for redemption in this match.


However, there is a looming threat that could affect the game’s outcome – the unpredictable weather. The weather report has raised concerns among fans and players alike, as rain could disrupt the match.

According to the meteorological department and multiple weather forecast websites, there is an 89 percent chance of rain in the morning and a 68 percent chance of rain in the evening in Pallekele on Monday. This forecast has left everyone anxiously watching the skies, hoping for favorable conditions that would allow the game to proceed without interruptions.

With a spot in the Super 4 stage on the line, both India and Nepal will be eager to get on the field and showcase their cricketing prowess. However, the unpredictable weather adds an element of uncertainty to the proceedings, making it a waiting game for players and fans alike as they hope for clear skies and an uninterrupted match.