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Asia Cup Finals 2023: Siraj’s swinging masterpiece claims Samarawickrama’s wicket for a duck

In a crucial moment during the Asia Cup 2023 final between India and Sri Lanka, Mohammed Siraj showcased his incredible skill with the ball, delivering a sensational inswinger that left the Sri Lankan opener Sadeera Samarawickrama utterly bewildered. The dismissal of the in-form Samarawickrama for a duck was a pivotal turning point in the match, further cementing Siraj’s reputation as a master of seam and swing bowling.

The delivery that led to Samarawickrama’s demise was nothing short of a masterpiece. Siraj pitched the ball slightly fuller, and with his wrist wizardry, he managed to extract sharp inward movement, almost resembling an off-cutter. The ball skidded on, leaving Samarawickrama with minimal reaction time.

Samarawickrama, who had been in fine form leading up to this match, found himself late on his shot, and to make matters worse, he played the wrong line. As the ball thudded into his pads, the fervent appeal from the Indian fielders echoed around the stadium.

The umpire’s finger was raised in an instant, signaling Samarawickrama’s dismissal, but not before the Sri Lankan opener decided to use the review. However, the replay only confirmed what was apparent to the naked eye. The ball had struck Samarawickrama in front of the middle stump, and ball-tracking technology unequivocally indicated that it would have gone on to hit the top of the leg stump.