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Asia Cup 2023: Pakistan’s fielding brilliance and Shaheen Afridi’s double blow shake India

In a nail-biting Asia Cup encounter between India and Pakistan, it was not only the fierce bowling and batting displays that kept fans on the edge of their seats but also some remarkable fielding moments that defined the match. One such moment that left spectators in awe was Shadab Khan’s sensational catch to dismiss Shardul Thakur off Naseem Shah’s bowling.

Naseem Shah, the young Pakistani pacer, delivered a fiery ball at 139 kilometers per hour. Shardul Thakur, eager to work the length ball into the leg-side, closed his bat-face too early, resulting in a leading edge that sent the ball soaring into the air. The entire stadium held its breath as the ball seemed destined for safety. However, Shadab Khan, stationed at point, had other plans.


With a burst of speed and impeccable timing, Shadab Khan sprinted back, and in a moment of pure athleticism, he dived with outstretched hands. The ball found its way into his palms, and even as his elbow brushed the ground, Shadab’s grip remained firm. It was a spectacular catch, showcasing not only his reflexes but also his determination to secure the wicket.

This pivotal dismissal added to Pakistan’s growing momentum in the match, following Shaheen Afridi’s earlier double blow. Afridi had removed two key Indian batsmen, Ravindra Jadeja and Hardik Pandya, in quick succession, sending ripples of excitement through the Pakistani camp.

While the Asia Cup clash continued to provide breathtaking moments on the field, Shadab Khan’s incredible catch stood out as a testament to the commitment and skill of modern cricket’s fielding prowess.