Asia Cup 2023 Live: Towhid Hridoy’s dismissal spurs Sri Lanka’s strong start

In a gripping encounter of Asia Cup 2023, Sri Lanka’s Dasun Shanaka orchestrated a pivotal moment as he dismissed Bangladesh’s Towhid Hridoy, sending ripples of excitement through the match. The dismissal came in the form of a comprehensive LBW decision, sparking a wave of anticipation and drama.

As the delivery from Shanaka made its way towards Hridoy, the ball found its mark on the pad. The Bangladeshi batsman, who had advanced down the pitch, sought to flick the ball away. However, fate had other plans as the ball connected with his pad, prompting an impassioned appeal from the Sri Lankan side. The umpire’s finger was raised, signaling Hridoy’s departure from the crease.


Yet, the drama did not end there. A review for LBW was initiated, adding a layer of intrigue to the proceedings. The key point of contention was whether Hridoy’s forward movement had taken him beyond the threshold of three meters, an element crucial for determining the validity of the LBW decision. The suspense heightened as the outcome rested on ball-tracking technology.

As the verdict of the review was unveiled, the tension in the air was palpable. Ball-tracking revealed a trio of reds, confirming the accuracy of the on-field decision. The ball’s trajectory painted a compelling picture – it was destined to strike the stumps with precision, raising questions only about Hridoy’s position on the pitch at the moment of impact.

Ultimately, the verdict was clear – Hridoy’s dismissal was upheld, solidifying Shanaka’s masterful execution. The Bangladesh batsman’s valiant effort came to a halt, as his innings concluded at 20 runs off 41 balls. This significant wicket further bolstered Sri Lanka’s position, as they clinched four early dismissals and established their dominance on the field.