Asia Cup 2023 Live: India vs Pakistan clash under rain threat, toss may get delayed

Cricket enthusiasts across the world are eagerly awaiting the thrilling showdown between India and Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023, slated for September 2nd in Kandy, Sri Lanka. However, a looming threat in the form of the Balagolla storm hangs over this cricketing spectacle, causing uncertainty. Tickets for the match vanished quickly, with millions of viewers anticipating an unforgettable encounter, intensifying concerns about potential rain interruptions.

The India-Pakistan rivalry could offer fans up to three more intense matches if both teams advance to the Super 4 stage and the Continental Cup finals. As these cricketing giants typically meet only in the Asia Cup and ICC events, excitement among fans, experts, and analysts is palpable.


Sri Lanka is set to host a total of nine matches, with the IND vs. PAK clash marking the start of this epic tournament. While the Asia Cup in Pakistan began without rain disruptions, the same may not hold true for this monumental battle on September 2nd.

Currently, a light drizzle is falling, prompting the ground staff to cover the pitch. Though it’s not a heavy downpour, cricket enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting further updates to determine the outcome of this high-stakes encounter. Stay tuned for more developments…