Asia Cup 2023 IND vs NEP: Shocking! Kohli drops an easy catch

Earlier Shreyas dropped a catch in the first over…

In a highly anticipated Asia Cup 2023 encounter between India and Nepal, the match got off to an exciting start as India won the toss and elected to field. As the players took to the field, the cricketing world held its breath for an action-packed game.

In just the first over of the 50-over game, Mohammed Siraj, the fiery Indian pacer, bowled a delivery to Aasif Sheikh, the Nepalese opener. It was a tempting ball, pitched up just outside the off-stump, inviting the batsman to drive.


Aasif Sheikh, eager to make his mark, leaned into the shot, driving the ball straight towards shortish cover point. It seemed like a straightforward catch for Indian veteran Virat Kohli, who stationed himself in that position. However, cricket can often be unpredictable, and in this instance, it was no different.

Kohli drops an easy one!

As the ball came flying towards him, Kohli leaped into action, attempting to complete a routine catch. But cricket, as they say, is a game of glorious uncertainties, and this was one such moment. Kohli, known for his safe pair of hands, initially seemed to have the ball under control. However, the ball brushed his fingertips, leading to a sudden juggle.

What followed was a heart-in-mouth moment for Indian fans. The ball went from hands to chin and then, much to Kohli’s frustration, down to the ground. It was a rare lapse in concentration from one of the world’s best fielders.