Ashes 2nd Test Day 2: Broad strikes with a review as Carey departs

In an eventful Day 2 of the Ashes 2nd Test at Lord’s, England’s Stuart Broad made a crucial breakthrough by dismissing Alex Carey. The dismissal came with some drama as there was initially a half-hearted appeal for LBW, but the ball seemed too high at first glance. However, England decided to review the decision, and it turned out to be a brilliant call.

The replay showed that the ball had nipped back in and sneaked past Carey’s inside edge, brushing the flap of his pad before heading towards the wicketkeeper. Although Carey’s knee was slightly bent, the ball-tracking confirmed that it would have hit the top of the leg-stump. With all three reds, the decision was made, and Carey had to depart.


This wicket marked Stuart Broad’s first success in the ongoing clash at Lord’s. He delivered a well-directed delivery, seaming it in with the angle and beating Carey’s attempted forward defensive stroke. The impact was in front of the middle, and to England’s relief, it wasn’t too high, crashing into the leg-stump.

Carey, who had scored 22 runs off 43 deliveries with two boundaries, had to walk back to the pavilion.

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