Ashes 2023: Lord’s members and crowd boo team Australia for ‘Bairstow Run-Out’ controversy

The ongoing Ashes clash witnessed a controversial moment that led to Jonny Bairstow’s run-out, sparking a heated debate about the “spirit of cricket.” The incident unfolded when Mitchell Green bowled a short ball wide of the off-stump, prompting Bairstow to decide against playing a shot.

However, Bairstow’s actions after leaving the ball became the center of attention. Instead of remaining in his crease, he casually strolled towards his partner without indicating to the wicketkeeper or slip fielders that he had no intention of attempting a run.


Unfortunately for Bairstow, his lack of caution proved to be a costly mistake. Alex Carey, the Australian wicketkeeper, keenly observed his movements and swiftly hit the stumps directly, leaving Bairstow well short of safety. The Australian team erupted in celebration, and the appeal was met with an unmistakable indication that Bairstow had strayed from his crease.

Following the run-out, the Australian team faced strong criticism for their behavior, particularly from the Lord’s crowd. The spectators expressed their disapproval by booing the players, clearly showing their dissatisfaction with how the run-out unfolded.

As Stuart Broad and England captain Joe Root walked back to the dressing room, Broad appeared to confront the Australians, intensifying the atmosphere. While Ben Stokes received resounding applause in the long room, the Australian players experienced an increased level of booing.

Tensions heightened when Usman Khawaja halted in the long room and engaged in a heated exchange with one of the spectators, indicating a less than friendly conversation. In response to Broad’s remarks at the end of the last ball, David Warner reacted with a sly smile and possibly exchanged a few words of his own.