Ashes 2023: “He is a captain’s dream,” Pat Cummins names star of the game

During a moment filled with pure joy, Pat Cummins made a significant mark in Ashes history, leading Australia to a monumental victory in the first match of the 2023 series. As Robinson delivered the ball and Cummins struck it, propelling it to the boundary, the haunting memories of the past were finally put to rest at Edgbaston. The resounding win caused jubilation in the dressing room and silenced the crowd, giving the visitors a thrilling 1-0 lead. This unforgettable triumph showcased Australia’s unwavering determination and set the stage for an intense and fiercely contested Ashes battle.

In a dramatic conclusion to an enthralling match, Pat Cummins secured a historic win for Australia through a brilliant display of skill. The atmosphere was tense as the ball left Robinson’s hand and connected with Cummins’ bat. With impeccable timing and finesse, Cummins expertly guided the ball beyond the reach of the fielder at third man, resulting in a boundary. Despite the fielder’s valiant diving attempt, the ball eluded him and crashed into the ropes. This momentous four triggered euphoria among the Australian team while simultaneously leaving the home crowd in disbelief and silence.


Pat Cummins: (On Australian supporters) They’ve been outnumbered. We Aussies aren’t great at chants and songs, but they stuck through it. (On win chances when he came to bat) Honestly, pretty good. That wicket didn’t have too many demons and Carey was batting beautifully. (On Nathan Lyon’s on drive) I looked at him and he walked past me, then I said ‘Nice shot, Gary.’ (On contrasting styles) Both teams spoke about playing their styles, we played to our strengths and we don’t know which is better, but makes for good entertainment. (On Khawaja) Incredible composure, played at his own pace and he has been a class player the last couple of years. Really happy for him. I think he had a good feel for the wicket, and then everyone chipped in around him. (On Lyon) He’s huge, both innings he is putting down one end. He is an absolute superstar, he is calm and goes about his work. He is a captain’s dream. (Does this paper over the 2019 Headingley defeat?) No idea what you’re talking about. (laughs off)