'As long as I beat the fastest sprinter in the team, I consider myself to be fit for International cricket', MS Dhoni to Sanjay Manjrekar | Business Upturn

‘As long as I beat the fastest sprinter in the team, I consider myself to be fit for International cricket’, MS Dhoni to Sanjay Manjrekar

Indian cricketer MS Dhoni claims that he is fit for international cricket as long as he beats the fastest sprinter in the team, says Sanjay Manjrekar.

Former Indian International and Cricket commentator shared an inside story in which he had a conversation with MS Dhoni during wedding reception of Virat Kohli which suggested that this might not be the last of the two time World Cup Wining captain in Indian colors.

Sanjay Manjrekar also belives that the former Indian Captain will have a stellar season with the CSK in the upcoming IPL, as conditions are always in his favour. The inside story shared by Sanjay Manjrekar hints that MS Dhoni is still fit to play for the Indian National Team and he has fuel left in his tanks,

“During Virat Kohli’s wedding, I had a little corner time with him and he said that as long as I am beating the fastest sprinter in the team, I am going to consider myself fit enough to be playing international cricket or playing high-level cricket,” Manjrekar said on the Cricket Connected Show on Star Sports.

“So, as a batter, with MS Dhoni in the IPL, I don’t see much difference. In fact, the conditions that we have, I keep saying, is just perfect for Dhoni, where’s it’s going to be about the mind and not just power hitting.”

Despite not been playing much recently the Former Indian Skipper is ready for the IPL and has hit the ground running with regular practice in the indoor facility at JSCA international stadium, Suresh Raina close friend and a teammate said that ” the UAE will see his helicopters”.

Dhoni’s IPL record is better then that of T20Is for India. In 190 matches he has scored 4432 runs averaging at 42.20 with 23 half centuries for the CSK team, while for Team India number are a bit low with 1617 runs from 98 games to which Manjrekar added.

“I think he is going to be very good one of the reason is he is so successful and consistent in IPL  as a batsman opposed to the international is that he knows there are about 4 to 5 bowlers to handle. And there are good ones and some not so good ones in the IPL”

“In international, you have got five quality bowlers, so he’s so good at picking out those guys and going after them. And people with Tendulkar, Dhoni, these are champion cricketers. Once they are on the public stage, you will never see Dhoni ever on a public stage, like a cricket field, looking slightly unfit or unable to sprint or run.”

IPL is the best of times we get to see of MS Dhoni and he will surely deliver in the coming IPL season with plenty of helicopters for sure.