‘Already scored 1 run’: Twitter trolls Virat Kohli after India captain gives away overthrow to England

India captain Virat Kohli gave away an unnecessary overthrow during the second T20I between India and England at Ahmedabad on Sunday. In the 10th over of the England innings, Johnny Bairstow nudged the ball in the vacant area near mid-wicket. Hardik Pandya, who was the bowler, gave the ball a chase himself.

As he tossed the ball back, Kohli, who approached the stumps, gathered the ball and took out the ball with solid power despite the fact that Jason Roy, who was rushing to the threat end, had made his ground. As Kohli took the sticks off with such a lot of power, the India captain lost control and conceded an overthrow. As Kohli’s hands affected the stumps, he showed up marginally hurt and left wincing in torment.

As expected, Twitter was quick to take note of the little lapse on Kohli and came down harsh on the India captain.

“Kohli giving away free runs,” said a Twitter used and shared a meme of the same.

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