Age Bias or Missed Opportunity? Saha's exclusion from Test squad raises questions amidst Dinesh Karthik's T20 World Cup comeback | Business Upturn

Age Bias or Missed Opportunity? Saha’s exclusion from Test squad raises questions amidst Dinesh Karthik’s T20 World Cup comeback

India’s recently announced Test squad for the upcoming West Indies tour has stirred debates and curiosity within the cricketing community. Led by Rohit Sharma, the team aims to strike a balance between experience and nurturing young talent. However, the exclusion of Wriddhiman Saha, despite being regarded as one of India’s best wicket-keepers after MS Dhoni, has left fans and experts perplexed.

Reports suggest that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) may have considered Saha’s age as a restricting factor for his comeback. This decision has sparked discussions about the transparency and fairness of the selection process, particularly when contrasting choices have been made for other players. The inclusion of cricketer turned commentator Dinesh Karthik in the recent ICC T20 World Cup, while Saha remains sidelined, has only added to the confusion.


“We have to look beyond Wriddhi. No doubt, he is an excellent batsman and a better keeper. But he is 38. He can only be a stop-gap solution that we don’t want. We have to develop young talents like Ishan, Bharat and Upendra. They will fail more than others but they are the future,” a senior BCCI official said to reports. (source: Inside Sport)