“Agar mere muh pe bola hota toh bachta nahi,” Pakistan’s Shoaib Akthar reacts when TV reporter recalls Sehwag’s “Baap baap hota hai” statement

The ex-opener Virender Sehwag famously remarked to Pakistani cricketing star Shoaib Akhtar, “Baap Baap Hota Hai, Beta Beta Hota Hai,” during one of the games. The line has been frequently used in relation to matchups between India and Pakistan ever since the former cricketer reported this occurrence.

When the comment was repeated by the anchor on a recent TV News debate, Akhtar didn’t take well to it. When asked about Sehwag’s remarks, the former cricketer became upset. Unexpectedly, Akhtar refuted his claim that he doesn’t recall whether the former India cricketer said as much. Akhtar strongly urged the presenter to uphold the level of respect and discuss the sport of cricket.


“First thing, agar yeh cheez usne mere muh pe boli hoti toh woh bachta nahi. (If he had said this to my face then he wouldn’t have survived). I don’t know when and where he said this. I had even asked him once in Bangladesh whether he said this or not then he had denied it. Secondly, we should celebrate these occasions and talk about cricket rather than doing these. I respect India a lot, I respect you too and I never say such things which may create differences between the two countries,” Akhtar told the Indian news anchor.