Adidas set to sign team India as official jersey sponsor

According to reports, BCCI is about to sign a significant contract with the global sporting goods company Adidas. If everything goes according to plan, Adidas will start sponsoring the India Cricket Team’s jerseys on June 1. So, for the World Test Championship Final, which begins on June 7 at Kennington Oval in London, Rohit Sharma and company might very well wear Adidas jerseys.

Killer Jeans acquired the jersey sponsorship rights from MPL Sports and is currently the sponsor. However, BCCI is seeking to partner with a well-known brand that is connected to sports.


Between 2016 and 2020, Nike was the last significant sports company to sponsor India’s uniform. But in 2016, MPL Sports (Mobile Premier League) paid Rs 370 Crore to become the jersey sponsor for India. MPL left the agreement while it was still set to expire in December 2023, giving Killer Jeans the rights.