Adidas promises to release Team India’s official jersey for fans at an ‘affordable’ price

Adidas, the renowned sportswear brand, has expressed excitement about its recent deal with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to become the kit sponsor for the Indian cricket team. The contract, which extends until March 2028, grants Adidas exclusive rights to manufacture kit for all formats of the game. This means that starting from June 2023, the Indian cricket team, across men’s, women’s, and youth teams, will don the iconic three stripes of Adidas during matches, training sessions, and travel.

This significant partnership marks a shift from the previous kit sponsors. Nike had been the long-standing sponsor for the Indian national teams, but in 2020, the BCCI signed a three-year deal with MPL Sports. However, MPL Sports pulled out of the agreement before its completion, allowing room for Killer Jeans to step in temporarily. Now, after a three-year gap, a major sportswear brand is set to become the official kit sponsor for the Indian cricket team.


Neelendra Singh, General Manager of Adidas India, expressed the brand’s pride and the importance of being associated with cricket. Singh emphasized that being able to see their products on athletes is a source of immense pride for Adidas. As a sports company, it recognizes the significance of aligning with sports that resonate deeply with the country. Cricket holds a special place in the hearts of Indian fans, making the association with BCCI a monumental achievement for the brand.

Singh sees cricket as a platform to reach millions of consumers in India, allowing Adidas to share its stories and engage with new customers. While specific details of the deal were not disclosed, sources estimate that Adidas will invest approximately Rs. 250-300 crore over the next five years for this kit sponsorship. The deal encompasses various aspects, including jersey sponsorship, with an estimated cost of around Rs. 75 lakh per match. Adidas will also pay the BCCI a royalty of Rs. 9-10 crore annually on merchandise sales throughout the five-year cycle. Additionally, the agreement covers the entire team, including players and support staff.

Singh recognizes the opportunity this collaboration presents in driving the jersey culture in India. Adidas, with its strong sports foundation, aims to leverage its credibility in the realm of fashion and culture. The upcoming Men’s One-Day International World Cup 2023, hosted by India, holds particular significance in the cricketing calendar. Singh reveals that Adidas plans to introduce outstanding products designed for athletes and consumers alike in preparation for the tournament, and assures that the jerseys will be affordable and available in a matter of weeks.

With this long-term partnership, Adidas aims to make a lasting impact on cricket in India and connect with fans through its innovative and high-quality products. As the Indian cricket team dons the Adidas jerseys, fans can look forward to an exciting era of cricket and the popularization of jersey culture in the country.