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Australian Open Tennis Players start to leave hotel isolation

About 500 players got discharged from hotels in Melbourne and Adelaide by Sunday, organizers said.

Stars like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams were among who released on Friday.

Due to Australian government’s Covid-19 restrictions players have quarantined in hotel. Also players were allowed out of their rooms for five hours a day to practice and exercise.

In early January. More than 1,700 players, staff and others tied were flown into Australia on chartered flights meanwhile the tournament begins on 8 February.

A more modest gathering of 72players were completely limited to their rooms in Melbourne, nonetheless, after Covid-19 cases were found on their flights. So far eight cases have been linked to the event, including Spanish tennis player Paula Badosa.

Melbourne persevered through one of the world’s longest lockdowns a year ago and numerous local people have worries about the potential Covid hazard presented by the competition.

On Friday, Djokovic in Adelaide said, “Conditions were great for us, considering the circumstances.”

He said that on Friday he had gone for walk in the park: “Just putting a feet on the ground, just having the space, I think, that’s what we all kind of missed.”

Earlier, at the same press briefing, William said she was “so glad” her quarantine had ended.

“To be in a stay with a three-years-old and being her best friend is certainly troublesome particularly in the wake of preparing and working out… it resembles, oh my gosh, it never closes,” she joked to journalists.

“We had a calendar in our room and consistently we marked a X on the day that passed by and big circle on the isolate finishing day.”