Athletics Federation of India to expand coaching camps from next year

The AFI has decided that instead of keeping the coaching camps in just three main cities, i.e., Bangalore, Patiala, and Thiruvananthapuram, they will conduct as many as 20 camps all over India. AFI President Adille Sumariwalla stated that they will decentralize national coaching camps starting next year; however, camps that are involved in preparing elite athletes for the 2024 Olympics will continue to function the same.

“The major decision to decentralize national camps was taken during AFI’s Special General Meeting held virtually on Thursday”, Sumariwalla stated.


He also mentioned that the expansion of coaching camps will strengthen the infrastructure and functioning of the camps.

“More pockets of coaching camps across the country will strengthen the infrastructure and broaden the training base”, the AFI President added.

The decision was made with 60 officials who attended the virtual SGM meeting. This included members of state units, former international athletes, and other known names from the same industry. According to the AFI President, the majority of those involved in the meeting were in favor of the proposal that the coaching camps should be expanded all over the country.