Archery World Cup, Paris: India's Abhishek Verma secures his place with gold medal in the World Cup Final | Business Upturn

Archery World Cup, Paris: India’s Abhishek Verma secures his place with gold medal in the World Cup Final


Abhishek Verma wins Gold medal for India at Paris archery World Cup in individual men’s compound event beating America’s Kris Schaff in a tie-breaker shoot-off on Saturday.


It booked Verma a preprogrammed bid to this year’s Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in his one-and-only shot to win it. Meanwhile American Kris Schaff will be attending the season-ending event as a points qualifier.

“I am feeling very excited. We waited for a very long time. We wished for almost two years, and now we come back with a great victory. It’s very good for me as well as for my the country,” said Verma.

The event allowed action of India’s compound archers in Paris on the international circuit after missing the first stages of the year and last season’s revocation.


Verma had overcome Russia’s Anton Bulaev by 146-138 in the semifinal on Saturday and met USA’s Schaff in the final defeating him in the gold medal fixture.

The 32-year-old gold medal winner, dominated since the start and scored perfect 30s apiece in the first three of five attempts and led with two points then Schaff came back and levelled up with the score that took the contest to the tie-breaker.

Abhishek Verma is the first man from India to win two gold medals in the men’s compound individual event at the Archery World Cup. He won the first in Wroclaw, Poland in the year 2015.