AICF and Chess Association of India announces their merger

AICF and Chess Association of India have announced that they have ended their feud so that the chess administration can come under one single entity.


The All India Chess Federation (AICF) and the breakaway federation, Chess Association of India have announced a merger, hence putting an end to the feud between them and bringing the administration of chess under one single entity in this country. AICF President, Sanjay Kapoor has announced that not only the feud between various factions at the national level but also between state-level associations have ended so that together they can create one single federation, under one which all chess in this country will be administered.

Sanjay Kapoor has stated in a press release, that he talked to all the stakeholders in the country and united them on one single platform, that is the development of chess and chess players in this country. He further added that like other federations, they are also struggling to organise their championships and tournaments, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and can’t afford to let petty differences derail the sport in this country.

AICF chairman, Bharat Singh Chauhan has said, “Once we formed the new body, one of our first goals was to address all the concerns of every member and bring everybody together for the sake of the sport.”

There were various factions even among the state associations, especially in U.P, where two different entities, U.P Chess Association and U.P Chess Sports Association were antagonistic towards each other. Kapoor, who is from Kanpur, has stated that this was a long-running dispute and believed it was his priority to solve this. He was happy to announce that both groups were present here.

There were other officials present in the press conference too like UP Chess Association president P C Chaturvedi (IAS Retd), Sr Vice President of Chess Association of India S L Harsh, and Secretary-General of Chess Association of India and Secretary, UP Chess Association SK Tewari.