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AFI sacks long jumper Sreeshankar’s coach after disappointing Olympic display

S Murali, the coach of Sreeshankar has been sacked by the AFI on Monday after claiming to not be happy with the coaching programme after a disappointing showing at the Olympic Games.

The Athletics Federation of India (AFI)  has officially M Sreeshankar’s coach, his father S Murali due to the poor long jump display at the Tokyo Olympic Games earlier this year. 


After a two-day executive council meeting, the AFI announced a tournament similar to the national championship/ final trial that will take place prior to the Olympic Games and the World Championships in order to select the teams for the events. 


The 22-year old long jumper crossed the qualification mark after breaking a national record with a jump of 8.26 meters in the Federation Cup held in March. Despite the showing of great form, Sreeshankar was well below expectations at the fitness trials before the Olympics which forced the AFI to withdraw the athlete from the Games.


However, the AFI let Sreeshankar take part in the Games after his coach had submitted a written assurance that the athlete would claim the qualification mSreeshankarark at the very least in Tokyo but that was not to be the case as he recorded his poorest jump.  


“We are not happy with his coaching programme, first action is already being taken as we have changed his coach,” said the AFI President Adille Sumariwalla as reported by PTI.


The AFI’s decision is understood as to introduce a final tournament prior to marquee global events like the World Championships and the Olympics due to the fallout in the episode involving the national federation and Sreeshankar.