A one-day golf tournament named after Flying Sikh Milkha Singh

After Milkha Singh’s son Jeev Milkha Singh now the one-day golf tournament has been named after the sprint legend Milkha Singh.

The professional golfer Jeev Milkha Singh who became the Indian first player to join the European Tour in 1998 got emotional in a press conference when he came to know that the one-day golf tournament has been named after his legendary father, the Flying Sikh, Milkha Singh.

After Jeev, the Chandigarh Golf club decided to name the one-day golf tournament after his father. It’s ironic as the Flying Sikh, legendary sprinter Milkha Singh was an athlete running in the tracks. But, his name is been attached to the Golf tournament. Apart from running, legend Milkha Singh also used to love playing Golf as per his son Jeev. He used to play with his son Jeev in the Chandigarh golf club. Milkha Singh always encouraged his son Jeev to play golf. Jeev has many records to his name and he also won a Padma Shri Award in 2007. The Chandigarh Golf club organized The Milkha Singh Memorial tournament on Saturday. The Two-time Asian Tour No. 1 golfer was called in the press conference in the morning where he also shared some memories of his father legendary Milkha Singh after the one-day golf tournament was named after the sprinter.

“This is a special thing for all of us because dad loved playing at this course. He would have been the happiest today to know that a tournament has been named after him,” Jeev said in tears to TOI at the press conference.

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