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Willing to partner IEEE to make telecom products more standardized

The government is eager to work with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) to improve the standardisation, security, affordability, usability, and comprehensiveness of telecom devices, as according to K Rajaraman, the department’s secretary for communications.

Rajaraman announced the launch of the “IEEE C-DOT Certified Telecom Expert Program (ICCTEP),” a partnership between IEEE and C-DOT (Centre for Development of Telematics) to bring learning in the areas of telecom, including 5G, cyber security, and quantum communication to close the skills gap. Rajaraman also highlighted key engagements between C-DOT and IEEE that have led to notable successes in R&D, technology evolution, and standardisation.

The ministry released a statement in which it stated that the minister “underlined the crucial importance of excellent learning and skill-building programmes like ICCTEP that have a worldwide reach with the engagement of world-class telecom bodies and associations.”

In order to deliver top-notch education in a variety of telecom fields, ICCTEP will offer a certification programme. The primary goal is to acquire the skills necessary to increase the involvement of students, academics, technologists, business start-ups, and other important players in the development of globally competitive telecom technologies and solutions.

On this platform, a first-ever programme on 5G and beyond has been released.

This partnership aims to overcome the digital gap by jointly developing telecommunications courses, promoting and training students and professionals, and providing career opportunities. According to Srikanth Chandrasekaran, senior director, IEEE India Operations, the IEEE Blended Learning Program (BLP) intends to improve the skills of young professionals in the fields of wireless, optical, broadcasting, telecom validation, and security.

To assure the quality of the content and learning experience, the BLP certification programme is created in collaboration with business leaders and reviewed by professionals. This programme, which strives to close the skills gap, is supported by micro learning modules, application modules, and data analytics. It culminates in a Joint certificate.