Reliance Jio registers 30.4 lakh new subscribers in April amid Vodafone’s increasing losses

The commercial service providers currently control 90.8% of the telecom industry, with Reliance Jio having a commanding 37.9% of the market share and Bharti Airtel coming in second with 32.4%.

According to information released on Wednesday by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Reliance Jio maintained its dominance over the Indian telecom market in April 2023 by adding 30.4 lakh members, bringing its total to 30.5 lakh from March 2023. In April, Bharti Airtel added 76,328 customers compared to 10.4 lakh in March, while Vodafone lost 29.9 lakh subscribers in April compared to 12.1 lakh in March.

According to a TRAI press release, there were 1,143.93 million wireless customers as of the end of March 2023; this represents a monthly loss rate of 0.07%. By the end of April 2023, there were 1,143.13 million wireless subscribers.


According to a TRAI release, wireless subscriptions decreased in urban areas, where there were 627.54 million users at the end of March 23 and 626.74 million at the end of April 23, but increased in rural areas, where there were 516.38 million and 516.39 million subscribers during the same time period.

Telecom is dominated by the private sector : 
Private service providers currently control 90.8% of the telecom market, with Reliance Jio owning the largest share at 37.9% and Bharti Airtel coming in second with 32.4%. With 20.4% of the market, Vodafone Idea is now in third place, but as its customer base shrinks, the telecom provider is gradually losing market share.

The combined market share of the two PSU access service providers, MTNL and BSNL, was just 9.2%.

Lower Wireless Tele-density : 
The Wireless Tele-density in India was also noted in the TRAI news release. The Wireless Tele-density declined from 82.4% at the end of March to 82.3% at the end of April, according to the telecom regulating body.