Bharti Airtel acquires airwaves worth Rs 18,699 crore in Spectrum Auction

As per a report by LiveMint, Bharti Airtel Limited on March 2, 2021, said that it had made of purchase of airwaves worth Rs 18,699 crore on the first day of India’s 2021 4G spectrum auction.

The company, in a regulatory filing, said, “this gives Airtel the most formidable spectrum holdings in the country. Airtel has now secured pan India footprint of Sub GHz spectrum that will help improve its deep indoor and in-building coverage in every urban town.”


In the entire auction, spectrum worth Rs 4 lakh crore at a total of 2308.80 MHz was put up on sale in seven different bands. (Spectrum Bands are a range of electromagnetic waves and frequencies that are used to transmit sound and data across the country to phones.)

Airtel stated that it was successful in acquiring 355.45 MHz spectrum across Sub GHz, mid-band and 2300 MHz bands which will go on help the telecommunication company to increase its coverage in rural areas by offering new frequencies which will be able to meet the networking demands of up to 90 million more users in the country.

Talking about the same, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Bharti Airtel commented, “We are most excited at bringing the power of Airtel services to an additional 90 million customers in India through the power of our Pan India Sub GHz footprint.”