Facebook Shops helps small markets grow

US Social Media company Facebook has just launched its most innovative endeavor. 36 year old CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg says that his latest venture might empower those suffering amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. “Facebook Shops” is the name of this new initiative that will directly bring Facebook users in contact to small micro economic businesses. Shops and domestic retailers that operate daily sell household goods. They have put their businesses on hold due to the fear of spreading COVID-19. Zuckerberg says that during this unfortunate time they will directly get customers online. Not only, will the demand for their products increase but also, they will get a rare opportunity to globalize into a brand. This e-commerce platform will integrate with photo-sharing site Instagram and messaging service Whats App, which are also owned by Facebook.

This newly developed project has lots of different features yet to be revealed by the company. The customers operating as Facebook users will be able to check out catalogs. They will have prominent access to discuss their order specifications with the retailer. Since, Facebook’s revenue would increase by surge in usage and awareness. The retailers would get free market advertisement in real time, exposing their business activity to the world. Lastly, the consumers would get a safe and verified delivery of ordered goods through an encrypted online transaction service. This would create a third party act of mutual ism. Benefiting all those who wish to strive in this unfortunate time.